Our history


Big steps towards the future, but always with an eye on our past.



Tecnosystemi began its history by marketing a small range of accessories for air conditioning. It was a winning business but the first large group of partners was not always positively aligned with the company’s growth line, slowing down the innovation process that the company was therefore unable to carry out.



Tecnosystemi has faced one of the first major transformations, becoming also a production company, starting a virtuous path that continues to evolve today.

In 2001, the company transferred to its new Vittorio Veneto headquarters.



A new ownership. After having changed the location of the plant twice, moving permanently to Vittorio Veneto, Tecnosystemi evolved with today’s corporate asset that sees Anna Munari and Giorgio Rigoni as the family owners, marking its definitive take-off.



The exponential growth in the quantity of products handled in the warehouse made it necessary to move from manual management of the production orders to an automatic and continuous one, by integrating the Slim2k system.
A tailor-made system that over the years evolves and dialogues in order to optimise the production flow.

We love our planet, and thus we are committed to not wasting energy.

In 2017 by upgrading the old warehouses we decided to install a 500 kW photovoltaic system on the entire roof surface, thus creating a system that meets production energy needs without releasing harmful emissions into the environment.



Building of the third warehouse ‘M3’.


With the construction of the third warehouse, Tecnosystemi expands to reach an area of totally 33,000 m2  and a covered surface of 22,000 m2.

In redesigning the spaces, we thought about the well-being of our people.



The Company rethinks its headquarters on the same site where they were previously erected; the old building was obsolete and therefore no longer in line with the new corporate vision. It has been a radical transformation but absolutely in line with the thinking of the owners who wanted a space redesigned for the well-being of the people who work there: soundproofed walls, large windows, natural light, sustainability in all the choices made and functionality of the spaces.



Tecnosystemi marks a new beginning by becoming a Benefit Company, rewriting its corporate purpose and officially declaring its serious intention to generate a positive impact on the environment and in the community, continuing a path that had already begun years earlier.


Our idea of an intelligent factory 

Customer service, efficiency, organisation, information management, these are the four pillars of our vision: to create an intelligent factory capable of combining the customer needs with the market, to achieve our goals together.