Road to 2030

Sustainability is deeply embedded in our business strategy and the UN 2030 Agenda is the compass charting the path towards achieving our objectives. The Agenda serves as a global framework for national and international efforts to identify common solutions to the great challenges our planet faces today. We aim to be firm and responsible in our role as a private Company, acknowledging our duty to set a virtuous example, being a bearer of the culture of sustainability and care for the environment, the land and people.

Our pillars for sustainable development

We believe that the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda represent an extraordinary opportunity for innovation, directing us from theory to execution by identifying good practices in a very specific path to sustainability. We have defined four key areas of value in our great project that combines business objectives and sustainability goals.

Climate action.jpg

We always measure ourselves to improve our impact.

Being a manufacturing company inevitably has an impact on the local territory and climate, but being aware of this leads us to constantly measure our impact and assess potential opportunities to improve through various carefully planned actions. 

Producing responsibly.jpg

Production waste becomes a resource.

We manufacture our products with a great sense of responsibility, conducting a specific study aimed at improving the efficiency of our processes, optimising consumption and constantly reusing materials that can be given new life in the construction of an increasingly virtuous circular economy model.

Take action for the territory.jpg

We support local associations.

Consideration of our local region and local community is a key aspect for us, acknowledging our responsibility to tackle aspects that go beyond standard entrepreneurial goals and beyond our borders.

Take action for people.jpg

We want to work to the benefit of people as an active part of our change.

Our company is made up of people who share values and development projects. This goal is particularly important to us, which is why we focus our efforts in several different areas of action.