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  • What is the ProAir system?

    ProAir is a zone management system made by Tecnosystemi which allow to have different temperature in different zones of houses, offices, hotels etc. Applied to a ducted unit, it works thank to shutters and chrono-thermostats located in every single room.

  • Where can I install the ProAir system?

    ProAir system can be installed in flats, apartments, villas, offices or commercial buildings, clinics and hotels. Check on the updated Galaxy catalog directly from the website or from your trusted dealer: you will find a handy guide with examples of applications and a quick point guide on "How to choose your system": you will for sure find the right solution.

  • How will be connected the Polaris control unit to the ducted unit?

    If you have a “classic” ducted unit, you can choose between two communication ways:

    • ON/OFF: the control unit manages the Start and Stop of the ducted unit, by means of the open contact available on the Polaris. Important: check with the manufacturer of the ducted unit if an interface board is needed.
    • IR protocol (best mode): the Polaris has already integrated over 30 ir communication protocols of the most famous brands in the market. With this connection you will have to you will have to provide the ir receiver of the ducted unit and the trasmitter supplied with the Polaris control unit will replace the remote control functions.

    Otherwise if you have a ducted fancoil you have two other way to manage the machine (available only with Polaris 5X control unit):

    • If your machine has a 3 speed motor, purchasing the Tecnosystemi relay module, you will be abe to manage the 3 speeds of the fancoil.
    • If your unit has a 0-10V motor, you have a contact in the Polaris control unit which allow you to managed the speed of the inverter fan.