Welcome to the Tecnosystemi world!


A 30-year long mission.

Ours is the story of a company that has experienced the right challenges, those that motivate you to always do better to achieve goals that were not rationally believed possible. We do business in the only way we know, with passion, will and constant research in order to provide intelligent and quality products.


Nine brands tell our vision.

We produce a wide range of innovative and specialised products for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and VMC sectors. Is for this reason that we have differentiated a variety of product families by coining nine brands that identify the various product sectors to which these products belong.


Innovation and excellence quality.

Innovation and technological evolution are the cornerstones of our strategy: a company policy that translates into investments in cutting-edge technological means, allowing us to ensure high performance in the production flow which guarantee excellent standards and a punctual service to our customer.


The customer always at the core

Customer assistance is a unique and indispensable value for Tecnosystemi. We invest heavily in a fast, personalised and multi-channel service that can go beyond our customers’ expectations, becoming a meaningful experience for anyone who asks for the support of our specialised technicians.

Tecnosystemi’s great resource: its people!


Our organisational model

Choosing an organisational model is one of the many strategic challenges that a company and its team must plan, decide and share. But the business and leadership of a great team requires not only commercial and organisational strategy, but also consistency and transparency. Involving the interests of all those who are the co-protagonists of change and innovation in the organisational model presupposes a cultural attitude of openness, which is capable of envisioning a future prospect of development and innovation.
The underlying values must be strong, rooted and lived in daily work, trace the way forward, guide change in a coherent way, and be the point of reference when it is necessary to change course and face challenges.

Anna Munari - Tecnosystemi S.p.A. Società Benefit Chief Executive Officer