We are building together a new way of business.


Our value chain: the people.

In our business project there’s a vigorous propensity toward the training of our employees and collaborators, continuously investing in the development of their potential and shaping an evolution of both their professional and personal skills. These are part of every human being but are often not adequately valued. To invest in the growth of ‘our people’ is one of our fundamental targets and this will never change.

We love our planet, and thus we are committed to not wasting energy.


We are on the road to 2030


Sustainable energy is a great opportunity: it not only improves life and helps the planet, it also transforms the economy. In our own little ecosystem, thanks to the installation of a 1700 KwP rooftop photovoltaic system, we cover about 85% of our production energy needs.


Technological progress is the basis of our efforts to achieve environmental objectives, such as increasing resources and energy efficiency. Without technology and innovation, there can be no industrialisation, and without industrialisation, there can be no development.


Economic and sustainable growth allows the continuous creation of quality jobs that stimulate production, without harming the environment.


Sustainable consumption and production aim to “do more and better with less”, increasing the benefits, in terms of well-being, derived from economic activities, by reducing the use of resources, degradation and pollution in the entire production cycle, thus improving the quality of life.

Tecnosystemi is a Benefit Company too.

On 8 July 2021 our company became a Benefit Company. 

A Benefit Company is a company that voluntarily complies with the highest social and environmental standards in terms of performance, responsibility and transparency. This will evolve in line with the SDGs of 2030 ONU agenda for sustainable development.